Water & Wastewater

Whether it is rehabilitation, replacement or expansion of your system, Banning Engineering can assist you with whatever water or wastewater challenges you may face.

Our team of professionals provides you with our expertise in water distribution, pumping, storage and treatment, as well as wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment facilities. Any of these components in your system requires careful planning and modeling to adequately provide for your potable water or wastewater needs.

From miles of water main to millions of gallons of water treated and stored, we have the experience to keep water clean and safe for your customers and community. Our professionals will continue to assist you in the future with the collection, treatment, and disposal of the water while responsibly maintaining the environment in which we share.


  • Planning Studies, System Rehabilitation, Design, Permitting, Bidding, Contract Administration, and
  • Construction Inspection for the Following:
    • Potable Water – Distribution Systems, Storage Tanks, Booster, Stations, Treatment & Plant Processes
    • Wastewater – Collection Systems, Lift Stations & Force Mains, Treatment & Plant Processes

For more information, please contact:

Kent Elliott
Director of Water and Wastewater Services
Phone: (317) 707-3728