Stormwater, Dams and Levees

Dams and Levees

Whether for recreation or flood control, dams can be found in nearly every county of Indiana. Understanding the safety requirements for low, significant, and high hazard dams is one of the qualities that set us apart in the industry. We are licensed in eight states and regularly perform visual dam safety inspections in Indiana and Illinois, as well as coordinate with geotechnical engineering firms in rehabilitation and stability analysis, and develop Hydrologic and Hydraulic models for breach routing and inundation mapping. We have written emergency action plans and are on the front line developing the risk analysis process that is gaining credibility with regulatory agencies.

Levees can be found throughout the Midwest along waterways where people live and farm. We work alongside public and private levee districts to remain in compliance with US Army Corps of Engineers’ policies and practices. We have performed relief well inspections, confined space entry of gate wells and pump station wet wells, and linear inspections of earthen levees and concrete floodwalls. Our staff is certified by the North American Sewer Services Companies for Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program to accurately evaluate closed circuit television videos of pipes through the levee. We can then develop plans to rehabilitate or repair pipes, control seepage, remove encroachments, stabilize slopes, permit third party utilities, and improve internal drainage to keep your levee safe and functioning well.

Stormwater Studies & Drainage Analysis

Hydrology is the technical term we use to describe the relationship between how much rain falls on a given area and how much runoff it generates. Hydraulics is the routing of that runoff through your site to, and sometimes beyond, the discharge point at the edge of your boundary. We combine these in the term H&H.

In a typical watershed study, we use Hydrology & Hydraulics to develop a computer model that determines the volume of storage and the conveyance needed to safely move that runoff and discharge at the permitted rates for your region. Our understanding of soils and vegetative cover enable us to protect your site from erosion.

We have experience in stream bank stabilization, regulated drains, erosion & sedimentation control, stormwater pollution & prevention plans, and floodplain analysis & regulatory assessment. Our vice president, Jeff Healy, P.E., is recognized across the state for his expertise in this field. This comes from his nearly 20 years with the US Department of Agriculture and 20 years in the private industry.


  • Drainage Capacity and Conveyance
  • Regulated Drain Maintenance and Reconstruction
  • Storm Sewer Capacity Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Bridge and Culvert Capacity and Analysis
  • Watershed Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies
  • Floodplain Delineation, Analysis and Modifications
  • Floodplain Construction Permitting

For more information, please contact:

Joe Miller
Vice President of Water Resources and Municipal Services
Phone: (317) 707-3736