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There are many great reasons to work at Banning Engineering, from the benefits to the flexibility to a family-first mindset to the training and our encouragement of our employees to do what they love. In this employee testimonial, we feature five employees who share their stories of why they work at Banning.

Working here as a parent or someone with a family, it allows you to go to that school meeting or soccer game and know that you can make up that time, work around that time, jostle your schedule to make it happen. Family time is important here and it’s something that makes us stand apart.

Jeff Yeary

Field Operations Manager

I’ve had the opportunity to grow and learn and move up and have more responsibility.

I’ve realized that what Jeff Banning is about … is to see where you are, see where you want to get to, and help you get there.

Jon Polson

Director of Survey

Coming here, I wasn’t exactly sure how the transition was going to be going from a really large firm to a really small firm, but I was surprised at how quickly I felt comfortable. The team here just kind of grabbed me and pulled me in and put me in a spot where I could be successful. We keep it fun. We also have a wonderful atmosphere for collaboration. Everyone working here wants to provide an experience of growth.

Mark Butler

GIS and Transportation Services Director

For me, the variety of what I do is one of my favorite parts of it because every day is not just the same cookie-cutter thing. Everybody here is willing to offer their time, their resources, their knowledge to help you further in what projects you’re working on or if you’re just stuck on something.

Pete Rusche

Project Engineer

I started looking for a firm that had name recognition, that provided a lot of different services, had a lot of different areas of expertise, one that offered a generous employee benefits package, and one that would be flexible with my time. At the end of the day when I looked at all of those things, my first thought was ‘this doesn’t exist,’ but I was wrong. I came to Banning Engineering and … it seemed like a perfect fit for me.

Steve Brehob

Project Manager

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