Heritage Lake Spillway

The Heritage Lake Spillway was falling into disrepair.  Banning Engineering came on board and surveyed the concrete spillway every two years to document the growing amount of cracks and vertical displacement.  In 2017 the Clear Creek Conservancy District, with the help of these surveys, determined it was time to repair the concrete spillway.  The Banning team created a new design for the spillway that incorporated internal drainage and a dual waterstop system.  In 2018, with a long coordination process, Banning staff served as the construction inspector for the spillway’s removal and construction.  This reconstruction was timed to allow residents on the lake as much recreation time as possible for the year.  Serving as the construction inspector, Banning helped the contractors solve field issues daily.  Construction work occurred seven days a week to make a bonus deadline for the contractor.   

Inspection and periodic maintenance based on an updated Operations and Maintenance Manual provided by Banning continue to this day.  Throughout the years, this project went from survey, planning, design, construction, and maintenance. As the project continues to evolve, the Banning team consistently works to add insight.  This insight allows the owners to make business decisions for their infrastructure.