Danville Headworks Study

  • Waste Management operates a landfill in Danville, Indiana and a portion of the leachate from the landfill cells is discharged to the Town of Danville’s sanitary sewer system.   
  • Currently Waste Management and the Town of Danville have an agreement that allows for pounds of certain contaminants to be discharged to the treatment plant each day.   
  • Waste Management had requested that the pounds of Chlorides, Ammonia, and BOD be reexamined to determine if the discharge limits could be increased.   
  • Testing was performed periodically for approximately 1 month to determine background levels of the contaminants and removal efficiencies of the treatment plant.   
  • Based on this data, Banning Engineering was able to determine how much of an increase could be made to the limits. 
  • Banning Engineering updated the permit for IDEM and helped to update the agreement between the Town and Waste Management for the increased discharge.