Pendleton Waterworks Improvements 

  • The Town of Pendleton was going through the planning process in 2015 for the construction of a new water treatment plant. 
  • The Town received an initial budget from another firm for approximately $9 Million.   
  • Banning Engineering was contacted to see if a more reasonably priced treatment facility could be designed for the Town.   
  • The new treatment plant, 3 supply wells enclosed in block buildings, a 0.35 MG wire-wound concrete clearwell, and over 3,200 feet of 16” transmission main were constructed for just over a third of the budget price given by the other firm. 
  • The water treatment plant is initially sized for a treatment capacity of 1.3 million gallons per day (MGD) and is expandable to 2.6 MGD through the addition of a 2nd Unilator type package plant.