Those that have lived and/or worked in Hendricks County in the mid 90’s may remember a 530‐acre entertainment complex which included one of the most famous cartoon cats of all time, Garfield Theme Park.  The site was to be located at the southeast corner of Interstate 70 and State Route 39.  The project even started construction in 1996 with underground infrastructure and foundations for buildings and was to open the first phase in 1998.  As fate would have it, the project lost its funding and construction stopped.  Being located close enough for logistics to utilize the Indianapolis International Airport, local developers petitioned the County to rezone the property for warehousing in the late 2000’s.  By 2010 the first road infrastructure was constructed as the entrance to what now is known as Westpoint Business Park.  There have been many environmental challenges to overcome to be able to construct the first warehouse to date.  Banning Engineering together with environmental subcontractors were able to overcome these challenges and still meet State regulations to layout an industrial park with six (6) lots each containing a one million square foot warehouse.

The project progressed through the County processes and the first building project started taking shape.   Rather than a one million square foot warehouse, the first lot was split in to two (2) smaller buildings, a 206,000 square foot expandable to 310,000 and a 507,600 square foot expandable to 685,260 speculative building.  Banning Engineering performed the surveying and engineering design for each site and gained approvals through the County to get the project to the construction phase which is now underway.  On to the next lot in Westpoint Business Park!