This is the time of year, you better hurry, to get a great deal at Indiana State Parks. Every winter for a couple of months, they run a special of two nights for the price of one at a State Park Inn or Cabin. Brown County is my first stay.

The cabins are nice and rustic, they actually have internet, nice accommodations, and a wood burning stove for the colder weather. Brown County is so much different in the winter compared to the other three seasons. Besides the “wintery” look scenery wise, there are far fewer people. That is quite the bonus. If you’re looking for a “family adventure” there are a couple of nice trails to hike without having to drive anywhere.

The hikes around Strahl Lake and Ogle Lake are fairly easy and not awfully long. If you are into some tougher hikes, there are plenty of those as well. The mountain biking trails are enjoyable for running. In a previous newsletter I mentioned Big Woods as a place to go eat in Nashville. I discovered a sister location just east of town, check out Hard Truth. It is quite the complex with many things to do and the food and drinks are awesome. I plan to go back in the warmer weather and take in the outdoor seating, music, and hiking trails.

Yellowwood State Forest is one of those places you have to go find. You just do not stumble upon it unless you are like me and wander. The property is named after the tree with the same name. Apparently, this is a fairly rare tree that is found predominantly in Brown County, although I would guess Monroe County has several of these trees as well. Scarce O’ Fat Trail is a hiker’s favorite. I hiked a good portion of the Lake Trail and I look forward to hiking the Tecumseh Trail. They might just be my next backpack adventure. Anyone up for a challenge?

Quiet often we take for granted the urban areas of the state. While in Fountain Square in Indianapolis, we took in a nice dinner at the Red Lion Grog House. Rather good English Style “bar food”.  Fish and chips were great! The tots and Scottish eggs were a great appetizer as well. You, of course, have great connection to the rest of the city via the Cultural Trail and you need to go duck pin bowling or swing dancing to really make it the ultimate day. A lot to do and many places to eat. Check it out.

Where shall I visit? Where shall I eat? Let me know and keep up the wandering.