With National Surveyors week upon us, this is an opportunity to shine light on the best profession in the world. Yes, the best! March 20th through March 26th has been set aside to raise awareness for land surveyors and their work.  Here are a few surveyors, you may recognize some of these names… Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Lewis and Clark and some guy named Washington.

Traditionally surveyors have done a poor job of promoting our profession. The average age of a licensed surveyor in Indiana is 58! That fact means there are many job openings on the horizon. Recently, I have been involved in a state‐wide industry led effort to push workforce development. This has been a push to explain what we do and who we are to children, teens and adults. Websites like getkidsintosurvey.com and futureindianasurveyor.com provide great information to get people involved in the Land Survey Profession.

Vincennes University Surveying Technology Program is organizing a Surveying Summer Camp from June 1st through the 3rd. This camp is a wonderful opportunity to introduce high school-age campers to land surveying and other industry professionals. Vincennes University provides a wonderful land surveying curriculum. I am proud to be a graduate of this program. You can also reach out to Jessica Hess at Vincennes for more information.

My profession is dear to me and to this company. The opportunity to research a deed back to the original land split in 1862, while scheduling field crews and digging up stones set 80 years ago while staying under budget always keeps us on our toes. I never imagined 18 years ago, starting over as a 23‐year‐old, and going back to school at Vincennes would take me where I am today, but I am glad it did. Join the Surveying Profession!

~ Jon Polson, Director of Survey