A solar park is on the horizon for the city of Linton. The park is scheduled to be developed by Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), a non-profit organization and power supply wholesaler that is “low-cost, reliable, and environmentally responsible,” of which Linton is a founding member. IMPA, formed in the 1980s by 11 municipal electric communities, now serves 60 municipal electric communities throughout Indiana and one in Ohio.

According to IMPA’s Director of Solar Development and Operations, Emily Williams, “The solar park will be interconnected with Linton’s local electric distribution system so all power generated will stay local. It will become a part of IMPA’s wholesale power supply, benefiting all of IMPA’s members.” Williams says IMPA serves 60 municipal electric communities throughout Indiana and one in Ohio.

She added, “The site is estimated to be rated to have an output of 5.5 MW-AC. This is enough to power approximately 825 average homes on an annual energy basis.”

The solar field will be constructed on 49 acres of farmland on the northeast side of the city, along Winters Road.

Williams says IMPA’s Board of Commissioners, “has the goal for IMPA to build a solar park in each community served. We have been working with Lonton for years to find a solar park location. We’re very happy to have secured this property for this development.” (Brent Slover is Linton’s Commissioner.)

“IMPA is committed to providing low cost and reliable power to our community and their other sixty member communities. This Solar Park will be a huge investment in our community and is just one of many ways IMPA gives back to Linton,” remarked Linton’s Clerk-Treasurer Jathan Wright.

Construction of the solar park is expected to begin in the fall of 2021 and, according to Williams, will take eight to 10 months to complete.