This vibrant, mixed-use, master-planned district blends design, amenities, and infrastructure improvements intended to promote quality of place. Hobbs Station, approximately 120± acres overall, aims to create a regional neighborhood designed to attract top talent – from businesses looking to hire and sell their goods/services to residents seeking an urban-suburban environment. The development will be a walkable, bikeable, pedestrian-friendly district with convenient vehicular access to and from the development.

Approximately 38.1 acres, located in the west portion of the PUD, will include multi-story mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, and senior apartment buildings (section below outlined in red). The Mixed Use District will provide a range of urban-styled development in a complementary neighborhood-like context that includes retail/commercial or office uses adjacent to or in combination with residential uses across multiple buildings. Altogether, the Mixed-Use District will include the following uses built over time:

  • Approximately 250,000 sf of office. 
  • A boutique hotel with approximately 150 rooms. 
  • Approximately 650 residential units, including owner-occupied and rental multi-story residences. 
  • Approximately 70,000 sf of neighborhood-styled retail uses (which may include office and medical service uses). 
  • Approximately 250 senior housing units.

The Residential District, approximately 49.0 acres, bounds the PUD’s Mixed Use District on its north and east sides. In addition to conducting the topographic survey and project approval process, Banning Engineering worked on the site design of the Pulte alley-product residential piece (section below shaded in orange). The development will include approximately 242 lots for alley loaded single family homes. At this point, Phase 1 is completed, and Phase 2 is in progress. The photos included here are from an August site visit showing the alley product. The circle on the site plan indicates where the images to the left were taken—exciting things to come for the future of Hobbs Station!