One of my goals for 2021 was to get a new website in place for Banning Engineering.  As a team we got that accomplished and I am very pleased with the results.  When you get a chance go to www.banning‐ and take a test drive.

We worked with a local Plainfield company C2IT as our website designer and many Banning staff members assisted with pulling together the data needed to get it up and going.  It seems like a simple task to put together the framework of what you want to see, then comes the hard part pulling together information, photos, and documents needed to fill in the blanks.

especially want to thank Mary Banning for coming on staff early last year and helping lead the completion of the “blanks”.  She also brought along a friend of hers who produced the videos that are on the site.  If  you are ever in need of similar videography, please reach out to Mary or I and we can get you in touch with Bobby.  Having drones as part of our survey tools, we were able to fly many of our projects and piece together some nice videos along with the photos Bobby took while visiting our office and the communities we work in.

A big thank you to Mark Morgan of the Town of Danville; Tim Belcher and Scott Singleton of the Town of Plainfield; and Chet Babb of the Town of Pendleton for allowing us to interview them and include their communities on our testimonial page. You will find these videos along with our employee testimonials on the Testimonials tab. The Pendleton vide is in for a few edits but will be up shortly.

Most importantly we meet monthly to review updates and “Recent News” that we need to include. Along with our newsletter we do our best to get our story out about our great company, Banning Engineering and the great staff that helped us become #2 out of 59 in our size category as one of the Indiana Chamber’s Best Places to Work.

~Jeff Henson