Redistricting, or the process to redraw voting districts, is still available for many communities across Indiana. Banning Engineering has helped Morgan County redraw Commissioner, Council, and Precinct districts and can do the same for you. We use population data from the US Census Bureau, along with Census Block data, to ensure your new redrawn districts are contiguous, compact, and with equal population. We worked closely with the county commissioners and other county representatives to ensure the districts not only adhered to state redistricting laws but also looked at local geography to ensure communities were fairly represented. Utilizing Esri software, we were not only able to quickly confirm that new districts were contiguous, compact, and had equal population but were also able to share proposed districts with online maps for quicker review and acceptance.

If you are still in need of Redistricting for your community, contact Banning Engineering at info@banning‐ to learn more.

~ Tom Maggard, Manager GIS Services