Banning Engineering’s Services

While talking with a municipal client recently, they mentioned being unaware that one of Banning Engineering’s services included residential site development. It brought to my attention that sometimes “we” at Banning think everyone knows the services we offer, but they don’t always realize the breadth of our service offerings at Banning.  

Below is a short summary of our key services. If you currently use Banning for a portion of these engineering or survey services, we would like an opportunity to be your total service provider.  


Residential and Commercial Site Development

Site development was the service that Jeff Banning knew he could provide better and for a fairer price–this was the founding block of Banning Engineering. We continue to deliver high-quality site development services in most communities in Central Indiana.  



Next in line for Banning Engineering, Jeff Banning knew that having his own Survey department would be crucial to meeting client deadlines and price restraints. In addition to serving our own engineering department, our Survey department has completed a number of large projects on its own, most notably projects with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  


Stormwater, Dams and Levees

Next in line for the company’s growth, Jeff added a well-known stormwater expert who was a federal government resource in the Midwest. Due to adding Jeff Healy, Banning Engineering grew a strong business offering in the stormwater industry that also includes dam and levee engineering.  


Economic Development and Parks and Recreation

Due to Jeff’s strong passion for economic development and parks, Banning Engineering began providing site development services and initial site reviews in both industries. Just as when Banning Engineering was founded, the goal is to perform a high-level review of potential sites before a client embarks on a more costly site development plan.  


Transportation and GIS services

As Banning Engineering grew and added staff, we developed talent that could design local roads and perform GIS data collection for a number of projects. Especially in the area of high-quality asset data collection and reporting, Banning Engineering has created a niche as a key provider in the industry. 


Water and Wastewater

Ten years ago, Banning Engineering hired a seasoned engineer, Kent Elliott, who brought a wealth of knowledge in the water and wastewater industry. Our revenues in this area have slowly grown, and we have added additional staff to Kent’s team. A Banning Engineering designed water plant is currently under construction in Danville, Indiana.

First and foremost, Banning Engineering strives to continue the vision of Jeff Banning in providing high-quality, reasonably priced engineering and survey services in all of our market offerings. Please contact me at so I can direct you to the staff member at Banning who can assist with your needs.


~ Jeff Henson