Are you a leader? Emphatically the answer is YES! We are all leaders. Read through some words of wisdom following. Thank you to John Maxwell’s book on leadership for providing much of the incite written.

Leaders take interest in people, it is so easy as a leader to do your job, to knock items off of your to do list, and to accomplish whatever is required of you. But true leaders take interest in those around them. Building up those you encounter is the true mark of a leader.

Leaders are also team players. Individuals play the game, but teams win championships. Place a high value on teamwork!

Do you write notes to people? Handwritten notes (Yes, handwritten) are very powerful. Try it sometime and do it to encourage people. I am always encouraged when I get a handwritten note, aren’t you?

Are you afraid to fail? If you are, then I would suggest you aren’t really trying to grow and likely not trying at all. Failure is one of the best opportunities to learn and grow. Step out there and grow. Don’t fail for failures sake. Stretch yourself, spread your wings and learn.

Leaders invest in those around them so that they become empowered to become leaders themselves. Developing leaders strengthens your network and creates many more opportunities, allies, and friends for when you need them.

How do you interact with people you know? Think about that for a moment. Now ask the question, how do you interact with strangers? When going through the drive up at a fast-food restaurant, how do you treat the attendant? Do you continue to talk on your phone? Do you snarl because the service wasn’t what you expected? Do you just ignore them? Every life you touch on a daily basis is influenced by your actions. Leaders act in positive ways and influence those around them.

What are your goals in life? Have you set any? Do you have a path that you follow? This is a very important aspect in a leaders walk in life.

Leaders accept responsibility in their lives. They don’t play the blame game! Take total responsibility for your attitude and choose to be responsible for how you view your circumstances.

Leaders are also mentors. Remember more is caught than taught. Take someone with you if you want them to grow and learn. As we grow those around us, our leadership and guidance becomes that much more important and what you are doing is creating other leaders that will lead.

Leaders win! Nothing but victory. Defeats are a mindset and are the best way to learn. A setback is only temporary.

Are you a passionate person? As leaders, passion should be a very strong characteristic that drives our thoughts.

Relationships are key to being a great leader. Get to know people and create lasting friendships.

One of the best ways to create true and lasting relationships is creating a memory with someone. Spending time with people – good quality and quantity time – is so very important. How can you expect to be a leader without relationships?

Do you give credit or take credit? Everyone wants to be recognized. Spend time showing people you care, learn something about them and most importantly, learn their name. When you see them accomplish something, be sure to acknowledge that and give them credit.

Loyalty is a much-needed trait of a leader and their team. Loyalty is a two-way street. Choose to be engaged to those that are loyal to your cause.

Leadership is a privilege and responsibility.

Are you a positive person or negative? Positivity is key to being a good person, a good leader, a good role model. Live in the positive realm, read positive things, listen to positive podcasts and most importantly, hang out with positive people. As leaders, those that we associate with should be influenced by us not us being influenced by them.

Be passionate about your work and have integrity to stand up for your ideas. Without passion you will not be taken seriously. Don’t budge on principles.

As a leader you should complement those around you and do that in front of others. Words of affirmation definitely builds your team and their trust.