I just finished reading Conquer Anything: A Green Beret’s Guide to Building Your A-Team. Thank you for suggesting Sean Stoops/Robert Pope. Having never been in the military, this was an interesting read and take on leadership. Read on:

Without giving the entire book away, I was impressed by multiple leadership thoughts. Two that resonated with me were How to Build Your A-Team in Chapter 5 and How to Stay Successful after Winning. Give this book a read.

Sticking with my leadership theme, read on to hear more of John Maxwell’s advice with my twist.

Are you aware of your teammates and their needs? How well do you know them? It is imperative that as a leader, you know those that you lead. Spend time really getting to know those around you.

If you make a promise, keep it. If you say you are going to do something, do it. It is better not to make a promise or say you are going to do something. If you make a decision that affects others, all you need to say is simply yes or no. Anything beyond that can create issues. As a leader, we are to be sure of what we believe.

Failure can be very painful. However, playing it safe won’t allow you to grow. People tend to be fearful of failure, and rightfully so. Taking action, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes are true characteristics of leaders. Grow with every action you take, good or bad. Remember the old saying, iron sharpens iron, and challenge yourself no matter the results.

A leader who refuses to risk change fails to grow. A leader who loves the status quo soon becomes a follower. Are you content with the status quo, or are you willing to take risks to gain a higher level of achievement?

What will you be tomorrow? Start today to become who you want to be tomorrow and in the future. It takes self-discipline and baby steps to become the person you want to be. Start small; make a list of what you want to accomplish; check yourself several times a day to stay on track and check your progress; allow 60 days for this transition, and probably one of the most important steps – find an accountability partner. Trying to accomplish this alone is very difficult.

Expect the Best! Is that your typical attitude? Or are you a constant pessimist who expects the worst? If you expect the worst, you will likely get those results. If you have a positive attitude and bad things happen because of your attitude, the results will be bearable. Be positive in all you do! See what a difference that positive attitude makes. And take time to make that switch. It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.

How is your attitude? Manage it well; manage it for positivity! Are you enthusiastic? Good leaders build good teams by being enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm will help motivate and mold your team. Attitude is probably the biggest driver for a leader. If you have a positive attitude, it is more likely for you to achieve success. Be positive! The result of a positive attitude is lifting people up. Make that a priority in your life. You will feel satisfied, and others will be more positive by your lifting up.

Making mistakes is not fun. None of us are perfect, though! So what do we do with mistakes? We learn from them. We learn not to make the same mistakes again. Making mistakes means you are doing, learning, and becoming a real leader. Don’t be complacent. Be that leader that is willing to push yourself and to learn.

Leaders are listeners! Edgar Watson Howe joked, “No man would listen to you talk if he didn’t know it was his turn next”. How often do you listen with the expectation that your turn is next? Maybe we should learn to listen and truly be leaders who care and genuinely listen.

Do your followers trust you? As a leader, it is imperative that you gain your followers’ trust. Trust is a huge responsibility for leaders to develop and nurture. Start by giving your time and respect to those around you.

Do you comment to people when you catch them doing things right or wrong? The tendency is to speak out when others are doing wrong or you are correcting or telling them how to do something better. Why not try complimenting someone when they do something well. That shows great leadership and care and let’s them learn to grow in a positive way.

Are you intentional? Great leaders are intentional. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Leaders are not scattered or haphazard. Those that follow you will be more willing to follow when their leader is focused.

Leaders take the time and make time to practice their skill. Try giving a little more time, effort, and patience to a task that will improve your capabilities today.

~ Jeff Banning