W.S. Gibbs Memorial Park is Hendricks County’s newest addition. Phase one of the park opened in late 2021. We took a walk on the trails one sunny fall Sunday and really enjoyed this new gem. We hiked around the entirety of the park and got in a 2‐mile walk. The fall colors were great! Did anyone think that the fall colors lasted longer this past fall? I sure thought that was the case. There are many amenities, including a Nature themed playground, disc golf course, sled riding hill (waiting for the first snow to try it out), two ponds, and a lot of nature. Check out another new Indiana treasure.

Actually, Pock Park opened after Gibbs Park, and it is located just north and west of Avon. This is a Washington Township affiliated Park which is located adjacent to Pecar Park. Another opportunity for hiking, nature, and fun. Check it out.

Turkey Foot Trail and Nature Park in Zionsville, which is located along Eagle Creek is an enjoyable visit with a short hike. The trail connects with Holiday Farms Subdivision and Golf Club and has a nice path along Eagle Creek. Holiday Farms is a great utilization of land, both from a development standpoint, as well as a preservation and park standpoint.

Several other places we have recently visited to check out are Fern Cliff (Putnam County) and Cataract Falls and covered bridge which is located south of Lieber State Recreation Area.

Our family Christmas celebration occurred once again at Whitewater State Park.  Renting cabins, spending time with family, eating lots of food, and enjoying a hike in the outdoors is a great way to share during the holidays.

Wandering home allowed us to visit the Indiana High Point in Northern Wayne County and travel through areas of Greece – Arba, Crete, Spartanburg, and Bartonia. You never know what burg you might find.

So, I heard from a few of you over the last couple of months. I didn’t hear from enough of you though.

I saw where Corey Murphy shouted out visiting Summit Lake State Park. Kurt Clearwaters suggested Big Walnut Creek Nature Preserve. He also suggested a future nature preserve in Putnam County which is owned by Ouabache Land Conservancy.

Pass along your places to wander!