One major challenge that the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus faces is figuring out where to park all the students and faculty, as a large number of students commute every day to classes. Parking is a clear priority to the university due to this fact, so it is important to them to upgrade and maintain their many parking lots throughout the widespread campus in order to provide safe and nice-looking places for people to park. Banning Engineering has had the privilege to help with the redoing of several lots throughout campus. Each lot is unique in purpose and layout, so it is always a fun challenge to figure out the best steps to improve the lot. Depending on the complexity of the lot, work included reconfiguring parking layouts, replacing asphalt, installing new stormwater structures and pipes to alleviate flooding issues, and even designing completely new parking areas.

It is sometimes like a treasure hunt when digging in the campus to make improvements. Since it is located in the heart of the city of Indianapolis, the campus has gone through many changes over the years with buildings being built and torn down. Contractors have told us they have found everything in the ground from bricks, old windows, and even a toilet!

IUPUI has been a great partner to work with on the parking lot projects. It is always rewarding to see a once run-down parking lot turned into a great asset for the university