Construction Services has been working on several interesting projects this year.  Below are two that have been interesting and exciting to be a part of.

AJBSC – PeeWee Fields Project

The new Al & Jan Barker Sports Complex peewee fields project is going very well.  I grew up playing on the fields at Franklin Park, but I think anyone that has been there realizes why that park is a parking nightmare and creates some tense traffic moments!  The new peewee fields being constructed at the Al & Jan Barker Sports Complex will provide improved parking making it significantly easier to park and access the fields, as well as brand new ball diamonds and facilities.

We worked with arcDESIGN to bring this project together on paper.  Patterson‐Horth is the contractor that successfully won the bid and with the help of their subs is bringing the project along on time and budget.  We have been the onsite Owner’s Representative during the construction process.  Currently, the project is scheduled to complete at the end of October.

Merriman Road Project

Another exciting project is the Merriman roadway project just south of Mooresville, part of the new Mooresville Business Park.   Banning Engineering worked with the Mooresville Redevelopment Commission to get this project designed and off the ground.  Our worked encompassed a roadway design for both Merriman and Bethel Road, a force main, a regional lift station, utility improvements and improvements to State Road 67 at the intersection of Merriman Road.  Current construction has begun on a new shell building which we performed the site design work.  We are also in the beginning phases of a site design on a new facility for a current Mooresville employer who is expanding their operations to the new Business Park.  The project alone is great to work on but then you add the positive economic impact and it really increases the excitement.

When using our Construction Services we can provide you with drone flight footage of your project, time lapse video, field reports, and we are interacting with your contractors on a regular basis to make sure your project is being constructed according to the plans and specifications.

No matter the size of your project, having someone onsite to watch over the investment you have already undertaken can be critical to the overall success of your project.  Please contact our office if you need our expertise, Mike McCrary – mmccrary@banning‐