I should probably start with how I got here. I began my career in surveying after a successful term in the Marine Corps back in the 1980’s. I then worked for a firm in southwest Indiana and attended Vincennes University. Later, I obtained my Professional Land Surveyor’s License and purchased a small surveying and engineering firm while serving as Adjunct Faculty at Vincennes University. I wanted to spend time with my son, so I went to INDOT as a Right of Way Services Manager to provide some work/life balance.

When I initially learned of the opportunity at Banning, I recall sharing some names of other surveyors that might be interested as I was content with my career and was certainly happy at INDOT along with enjoying time with my INDOT family. After more thought, and then learning of the actual interest in me, I decided to accept the opportunity.

There were many occasions that I partnered with Banning Engineering over the years when I was in private practice. From those previous partnering opportunities, I got to see firsthand how professional and talented the team here is, but still didn’t know just how great the culture was until I actually started working here. It is truly an amazing place to be. By assembling the best people in the business, they are able to complete some remarkable projects due to the teamwork and knowledge base. Even though I am impressed each day by the talent and projects here, I am most blown away by the culture. Banning Engineering is a collection of the most caring group of people I have ever been exposed to. I volunteer at Riley Hospital and have served as Governor for the Indiana District of Kiwanis, so I have been exposed to some very giving people, but almost every day I hear of someone performing an act of kindness at Banning Engineering. Banning Engineering has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for a reason.

I have stage IV cancer, so I get asked often why I decided to come to work here now; I simply answer, “it’s where I am supposed to be”. I wanted to surround myself with people who care about others. I have been fortunate over the years to work with some pretty incredible people, but this place is special. I was recently approached by leadership here to think about taking a trip with my son while I had the chance. My response was that I hadn’t accrued enough time off yet and needed to save a little more money. Immediately the response was that Jeff Banning and the leadership team were going to help make it happen. A baseball weekend is in the works. It is just one example of the culture here and it solidifies that I made the right decision to be here. I am here because I am supposed to be.

~ Kevin Rowland