It has been an interesting month of wandering. Some visits included Bright, Muscatatuck, Anderson, high school and college sporting events, and our State’s Capitol Building in downtown Indy.  

Let’s start with Vitor’s Bistro & Sushi Bar in Bright. Where? Bright is a small community in northern Dearborn County, north of Lawrenceburg. Finding such a great place to eat in what could seem like an out-of-the-way location is pretty amazing. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a good ole meat and potatoes kind of guy. Rumor has it that the sushi and wine are most excellent in this little unincorporated suburb of Cincinnati. By the way, my hamburger and French fries were most excellent!! 

Has anyone ever visited Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Jackson and Jennings Counties? The park is a great place to visit to see what Indiana looked like prior to civilization. Much of this refuge has been restored to its original state—wetlands, woods, and prairie. The wildlife is abundant, and the bird watching is excellent. There are several opportunities for hiking and driving through the park, which always brings surprises like an animal sighting. The nature center is a great place to start your visit. Numerous displays with great information. 

High School Cross Country season has begun. There is nothing like taking in a meet on a nice late summer or fall day. Brownsburg has one of the nicest courses around. Great for the runners and fans alike. What a beautiful facility! Banning Engineering was fortunate to help out with the new Mooresville course. It is located east of town on a complex containing the League of Miracles and Youth Football. The course is new and will only get better over time. So many courses all over the state are worth visiting. I encourage you to take a Saturday and check one out—enjoy the fresh morning air and watch students participate. 

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I and some friends spent an evening heading to Anderson. On the way, we stopped at Hamilton Town Center to eat at Ford’s Garage. What a cool experience eating in a car-themed restaurant outdoors on a beautiful sunny afternoon. This place was so much fun. The restaurant displays all kinds of memorabilia related to the auto industry, particularly Ford Motor Company. After dinner, we wandered our way to our final destination via Edgewood. Where? Edgewood is a small community surrounded by the City of Anderson. What a unique community. The town was formed in 1916 by General Motors for their workers. The community is quaint, with beautiful homes and a street layout with character—a must-see when heading to the Anderson area. 

The treat of our evening was attending a concert at the Paramount Theatre in Downtown Anderson. We have not spent much time downtown and were unaware of the dining options near the theater. However, after our visit and before the next concert we attend, we plan to try one of the many options downtown. I can’t wait to try out the places we passed along the way, from parking to the theater. We saw Leonid and Friends, a Moscow, Russia-based band that covers groups like Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Steely Dan, etc.. What a great concert! But more importantly, what a great venue! The theater was built in 1929 and significantly refurbished and reopened in 1995. The ceiling appears like an open sky with stars and has a Spanish Village theme. You have to find a show and go. 

I have been honored to serve on a Statewide land use committee that meets in the State Capitol Building for three sessions. We will hear testimony from individuals, organizations, and experts on issues that affect how Indiana’s land is impacted. I feel very blessed to be a member of this important committee that will help guide the State in future decisions. That said, when was the last time you really walked around and visited the State Capitol Building? What a thing of beauty, history, and culture. It is always so fun to see Oliver P. Morton’s statue at the east entrance into the building. He is from Centerville, my hometown, and was Governor when the State was in the civil war and kept things afloat. I can’t wait to make several more trips so I can take in more sights. Every time I visit this building, I see something new. 

Last but not least, I need to give a shout-out to Purdue and IU. Last year, we were able to tailgate at Purdue and enjoy a game at Ross-Ade Stadium. This year, I had the privilege of attending an IU game at Memorial Stadium. I know the state of Indiana might not be near as passionate as some other locations, but both universities and their fans put on a great show. I wish both teams had a little better success at winning, but that isn’t always in the cards. Maybe next year, I’ll attend a game at Notre Dame Stadium. 

Let me know your wandering thoughts—send us an email.  Always looking for places to visit.