Wow. We are so excited to share this incredible partnership with Seiler Geospatial and the City of Lawrenceburg. Our very own data collection technician, Logan Vieck, is all over Seiler’s marketing for the DA2. He has surfaced on not only their website but also their social media and YouTube accounts. This all sparked when our Seiler GIS Mapping Sales Representative approached us about their team featuring our Lawrenceburg mapping project in an upcoming marketing piece. In our September 2022 Newsletter, we featured the City of Lawrenceburg and our Asset Management work with their Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities team. Here’s a quick overview of the project:

Over the years, the City of Lawrenceburg and Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities (LMU) have managed its power, water, sewer, and storm sewer., With some key employees nearing retirement, the City recognized it was time to modernize the system. Lawrenceburg awarded Banning Engineering the project with the goal of mapping all four utilitiesBecause we utilized the DA2 to capture the utility data, Seiler approached us about featuring this project.

We spent one day down in Lawrenceburg filming and capturing photos for the case study that Seiler Geospatial produced. Not only did they produce a case study, but their awesome team also put together three videos featuring the project and the City of Lawrenceburg. You might spot our VP of GIS & Transportation, Mark Butler, and Logan in the videos.

The case study features an overview of the DA2, planning, monitoring, training, and descriptions of each utility and the process to map them. The case study also features an overview of the issue layer and the benefits of utilizing the DA2. The document also explains the instrument and how our team used it to complete a successful project.

If you are interested in learning how GIS Mapping can help your city, follow the link to sign up for the download –  Trimble DA2 for GIS (

If you’re interested in learning how we can help make the mapping process happen, feel free to contact Banning Engineering’s GIS and Project Manager, Pete Rusche, at