What makes a good team? A decent plan and dedicated players.

Plan –
Our goal in the Banning Engineering Survey Department is “connecting people from where they are with where they need to be”. This connection involves three critical components: listening, skill and action.

Listening helps us determine where our client is and what they need. Clarity on location and pathway always comes through listening. Can you imagine if 911 operators determined location based upon an assumption?

Skill is about our historic survey knowledge, relationships in the community, and access to technology. Subdividing property, ALTA surveys, easements, right of way, and ordinances can all be so hard to navigate, so it is important to hire someone that has “been there, done that”.

Action moves you along the path to where you need to be. Our team wants to work hard to make sure your project crosses the finish line.

“Connecting people from where they are to where they need to be” is for every single client, the communities we serve, and each member of the Banning Survey team. Here are a few examples:

Players –
Kevin Rowland is one of our most experienced Professional Surveyors. We immediately saw Kevin’s ability to mentor and coach. He pours into and teaches our younger surveyors the “ins and outs” of surveying. He reviews all surveys and plats that leave the office so he can speak into the professional development of our younger surveyors.

Jeff Yeary is an 18-year veteran of the Banning Engineering Survey Department. After discussions regarding Jeff’s future, it was clear he needed new challenges. After completing the Purdue Construction Management degree, Jeff is returning to school to obtain the required survey credits to pursue licensure.

Bryson Raney is one of our talented Project Surveyors. He needed more boundary experience to facilitate professional licensure. He has completed more ALTA surveys than any Banning surveyor over the last two years and is more confident in his abilities than ever.

Doug Moore wanted to learn more about advanced survey technology. His methodical attention to detail and his approach to survey have afforded him an opportunity to learn to fly drones and process LiDAR and photogrammetry data.

Jill Clearwaters, a successful former business owner, joined Banning Engineering for a new challenge. You may hear her voice when you call for a survey, but she also streamlined our project management process. She has taken her former success and applied those same efficient practices in our department.

I wish I had time to brag on all our employees. I am so proud of their growth. It is a great team of individuals cheering one another on and developing professionally together.