Dalton is a junior studying mechanical engineering at IUPUI. As a Plainfield native, he graduated from Plainfield High School in 2020. Dalton initially connected with Jeff Banning in middle school through the Plainfield Parks & Recreation Mini Marathon Training Program. They stayed connected throughout high school and college, and later Jeff contacted him about interviewing for an internship. Dalton later accepted a full-time summer internship with Banning Engineering.

When asked what interests him about engineering, Dalton shared his fascination with how things work and the purpose behind their function. He told us that growing up, he took things apart and tried rebuilding them to better understand how they operate. He accredits his love for science and engineering to the show MythBusters. Dalton shared that he learned so many things from the show, and basic ideas would spark his curiosity to look deeper into the science.

Mark Butler is Dalton’s supervisor, and he works closely with Logan Vieck and the GIS team on building GIS maps of town utilities. Most of the week, Dalton spends his time in the field collecting data on a town’s utilities like stormwater and sanitary. Other days, he’s in the office compiling the collected data to make an online map for that town. So far, Dalton has worked on Martinsville town mapping, the Mooresville cemetery, and a few small things with the survey department. His focus is now on the Town of Lawrenceburg and its GIS map.

One of his favorite parts about interning at Banning is the people. He commented on our staff’s willingness to offer their knowledge and help with work or school-related questions, “There isn’t one person in the office that hasn’t come up to me to say hi or ask about my internship. The work culture here at Banning is truly something special, and I’m very lucky to say that I work here.” We are thankful to have Dalton on our team this summer and appreciate his hard work and positive attitude.

While he doesn’t have much free time, Dalton enjoys watching NFL, MLB, and NASCAR and spending time with his girlfriend and family. Dalton shared that support from his girlfriend and family pushes him to new heights, and he wouldn’t be the person he is today without them. Best of luck with school this fall Dalton; we are excited to hear about your success in the mechanical engineering field.