When you think of Civil Engineering, solar parks don’t exactly come to mind, but even solar parks have a civil side associated with their design. We have had the great opportunity to partner with the Indiana Municipal Power Agency as they continue to build their solar park portfolio within their member communities. I recently had the opportunity to visit a couple of the Solar Parks in Anderson that we completed site design for, Anderson 4 and Anderson 5. It’s always rewarding to see a project after it has been completed; that was how I felt visiting these two sites.

Solar Park design isn’t just electrical; civil aspects are still associated with the design. Grading is a major component of ensuring required clearances from the panels to the ground are met. Also, like most other site design projects, ensuring that everything fits within the property is a must. Anderson 4 and Anderson 5 are two of the multiple solar parks we have had the pleasure to work on around the state for the Indiana Municipal Power Agency.

~ Wade Banning