Tammy Dickison, HR Director

What I Love About What I Do

At Banning, we focus on the individual, not just the employee performing a job. Wether celebrating a professional certification, watching an employee live their after-hours passion like performing with their band, or pulling together when an employee needs help, everyone genuinely cares about each other an takes action to show they care.

In my role, I try to offer my talents to help make our employees’ lives easier, better or sometimes just more fun – wether it is helping them work toward a professional certification goal, adding value by developing great benefits for our employees and their families, or creating a fun event where we can laugh and enjoy being together. Just being able to connect and help employees succeed brings me great joy and satisfaction in my role here at Banning Engineering.


What Makes Banning Different

Many companies promote their culture, work-life balance, family atmosphere, and fun. These things are essential in a successful business. Before I joined Banning Engineering, I had spent most of my career at a manufacturing company with a great culture and great people, but I was still missing something that caused me to resign from my position.

At my final interview with the Banning team, it was noticeable that the company had a great foundation, Mr. Banning’s (Jeff’s) leadership and influence were greatly respected among the interview team. But I also loved the casual but professional way they interacted with each other. Sitting in numerous interviews over my career. I am not sure I had laughed as much as I did during that interview. At that moment, I knew Banning Engineering was different. Shortly after I joined Banning Engineering in May of 2021, I realized what it was that was different. Joy!

People at Banning Engineering find great joy in working together, working with our clients, and being involved in the communities that we work with. When I look at that definition of Joy (the noun), it is defined as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. The employees at Banning have joy, and I believe this sets us apart from other engineering firms.


Jill Clearwaters, Survey Project Assistant

What Makes Banning Different

On the first day of my new job at Banning Engineering, I saw a sign posted in the Survey department that read “Banning Engineering, Seeking Excellence through Personal Growth, Loyalty, Creativity, and Relentless Honesty.” I didn’t give it much thought at the time. I had worked in many places prior to Banning and saw many company values, visions, and mission statements proudly posted. However, it was only a short time into my employment that I realized at Banning these weren’t simply words on display. These four values were engrained in the company’s culture, and this culture is what I love most about working at Banning. The management team continually urges each employee to grow and develop in their personal lives, education, and careers. They encourage employees to use creativity while seeking excellence and welcoming new ideas. And I believe everyone at Banning feels a great sense of belonging and pride knowing that we all work for a company founded on honesty and integrity and that these values are practiced every day within our company, and our community.


Andy Steele, Engineer in Training

What Makes Banning Different and What I Love About What I Do

What makes Banning Engineering different is the welcoming community. Beginning my first full-time job out of college came with a lot of questions. There wasn’t a person at Banning that I didn’t feel comfortable asking for help. Everyone immediately made me feel like part of the team and made the transition from school to the working world much easier. Something I love about what I do is problem-solving. Each project has design constraints and considerations that make for unique solutions. Collaborating with my coworkers to find these solutions keeps my days exciting and always provides me with opportunities to learn.