Banning Engineering’s Newest Service

Greetings, Banning Friends! Thanks for diving into our latest newsletter. I am happy to be the proverbial “pen” behind this article.

I am sure you’re wondering who this guy is, so I’ll be happy to introduce myself. My name is Jordan Starkey, and I am Banning Engineering’s new Utilities Coordinator. 


Why am I here? –

Banning has welcomed me aboard as one of their newest team members, giving me a mission to help kick-start a brand-new department within this fantastic company. I am thrilled to be here and be a part of this journey.  

The leadership here at Banning believed there would be great benefit in creating a new department tasked with providing private utility locating services to the departments and market sets Banning has to offer with the hopes of expanding that same great service to our closely valued industry and community partners.  


Why is this important?

This service is important because, beneath every road, building, and landscape lies a vast network of vital utilities that help fuel, feed, power, and sustain our everyday lives. Utility Locators are, in my mind, the unsung heroes helping keep our world running smoothly. Now, as Banning’s Utilities Coordinator, I am excited to continue playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the vast network of utilities keeps working as it should.  


My journey here?

I have spent almost a decade in the utility locating industry, cutting my teeth, and honing my skills with USIC. After approximately two and half years I decided to switch gears from public utilities to private utilities.  

My next chapter led me to Dan Baker and Baker Utility Partners, starting as a locator and working my way to Operations Manager. There, I was able to continue to develop my skills, learning new methods and techniques for locating, learning and perfecting what it means to provide quality service, growing my management skills, and building relationships with valued partners. Those same relationships and skills are why I am here today, with a big, bright future ahead of this department. 

The journey here has been exhilarating and I am excited to bring that energy along with my personal experiences to Banning. If you are interested in our private utility locating, please check our website for more details. I look forward to working with you in the future.  


~ Jordan Starkey 
Utilities Coordinator