Happy New Year! Are you a New Year’s resolution person or not?

I am not. I am of the belief that I will continue doing what I am doing and attempt to do it better every day. If I am not getting better, I need to dig deep and have the fortitude to improve myself. By making myself better, I hope to make those around me better. As Leaders, we should put ourselves in a position to help others around us become Leaders as well. How are you doing with that? We are all Leadersin some way. 

I enjoy reading books. I especially get great joy in reading about Leadership, about those who are Leaders, and how to become a better Leader. We should be training up those who are around us. Leading others is a privilege and honor. Sometimes, this can be challenging and might not be all it is cracked up to be. In my most recent read, “Letters to the American Church” by Eric Metaxas, one of the Leaders he discusses is Ronald Reagan and his firm standing and belief regarding Russia and its communist rule. He says it is so easy to roll with the flow, to push the “easy button” and slide along. Reagan did not do that when he stated that famous phrase, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”. This phrase was referring to the Berlin Wall that separated East and West. As we know, history saw this happen a couple of years after the statement. 

What many don’t know is that some of Reagan’s closest advisors were not keen on him making this statement. As a Leader, he stuck to his guns and did what he knew was right. Everyone knew what he was saying was right, but no one had the guts to state it. Sometimes, doing the heroic and right thing is a lonely business, and getting those around you to understand often doesn’t happen. He also mentioned men such as William Wilberforce when it came to slavery in England and Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Germany during Hitler’s genocidal persecution of the Jews. Leaders believe in their calling. This has been a given hallmark over the years and shows what true Leadership is all about. 

Whether you have New Year’s resolutions or not, your goal should be to become a true Leader. TrueLeadership isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Stay true to yourself and help those around you to be built up. 

~ Jeff Banning