More Leadership thoughts! Take some time to read and see what sort of leader you are (or are not). The following “proverbs do Leadership” were again based on John Maxwell’s Daily Reader with my two cents worth plugged in. Enjoy!

When meeting people, we tend to make ourselves look good. Why not reverse that objective and focus on the other person? Find out who they are, what is important in their lives, what makes them tick! If it is someone you know, perform the thirty-second rule, and say something positive about that person, maybe their appearance, how they have helped you out, or something you have recently heard about them. Try it out. It really works and creates a healthy relationship.

Getting out of the normal environment with which you associate a person is one way to build your relationship with that person. Try discovering something about the person and meet them on their turf – maybe having lunch, going on a hike, attending church, going to a play, etc. Make the time to do something which you commonly would not do together.

The value of time, have you ever considered what time’s true worth really is? How much time do you spend on things that matter; or things that would be considered wasteful? Are the tasks on your daily agenda truly worth your time? We only have so many hours in a day, so many days in a year, and so many years in our lives. Are your tasks today worthy of the time allotted? Maybe a better way to say this is, are the tasks on today’s agenda worthy of your life?

How do you deal with your teammates? Not only as a leader but also as a coworker or associate. Working with them, assisting their growth, and helping them gain experience only helps your growth and helps the team improve. This, in turn, creates stronger relationships and overcomes the internal negativity that so commonly occurs in relational groups.

Have you examined your character lately? Do your words and actions align? Always stay on guard for the folly that can destine you towards a less focused and possibly destructive lifestyle.

Do you have a vision, a clear vision of where you are heading? Take some time to think about that today. Let your vision guide you.

Examine your motivation for being a true leader. True leaders have a servanthood mentality. Helping others should be their true motive. What motive do you have for being a leader?

Good leaders give people their attention, affirmation, and appreciation. As William King stated, “A gossip is one who talks to you about other people, a bore is one who talks about himself, and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.”

Are you a Passionate Leader? Passion is the first step towards achievement. Passion increases your willpower, it changes you, and it makes the impossible possible. Find your passion and increase your intensity for success.

Leaders possess an attitude of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.” as Martin Luther King Jr. stated. It is with the attitude which you judge others that you will also be judged. Remember that.

Leaders are those that have a trusting soul. Developing trust is like constructing a building. It takes time. Build trust with those around you.

Leaders look for the best in others. Do you look for the negative characteristics in people or the positive?