I have been reading John C. Maxwell’s “The Maxwell Daily Reader” and have been very encouraged by what I read daily. I would highly suggest picking up a copy of this book or find a book that helps develop your leadership skills. Do this not only for yourself but also for your team, your family and your friends. We are all leaders, the question is “Are we good leaders?” We can all be better and continue to grow in our role as a leader.

John Maxwell also has put together a great reference with “The Maxwell Leadership Bible”. One of his Leadership summaries is titled the “Six Strategies for Extraordinary Leadership”. Take a look below.

  1. Ask questions. Meaningful, purposeful dialogue not only develops skills and knowledge, but also discernment and decision-making.
  2. Listen closely. People feel valued when they feel heard. The day your ideas are no longer the best ideas is the day you know you’ve succeeded in tapping your team’s talents.
  3. Identify patterns. As you ask questions, pay attention to the ways people analyze information and make decisions. Look for the motivation behind their actions in order to understand how to lead them in the future.
  4. Challenge thinking. By challenging others’ thinking, you set the stage for their breakthrough moments – those flashes of awareness or clarity reached through concentrated dialogue.
  5. Encourage a focus on solutions. Turn problem-bringers into problem-solvers.
  6. Model the importance of reflection. One of the most important things a leader can do is take time to think. Everyone needs a little quiet time to figure out and sort through everything.