Richard A. Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic Center

In September of 2001, Banning Engineering created a topographic survey that depicts the unoccupied property that now harbors the Richard A. Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic Center and Splash Island.  The property lies on the west side of Downtown Plainfield, Indiana. While a drawing filled with lines and arcs can show the features and relief, it cannot contain or reflect the impact that this chunk of dirt has and will have on the lives of the people that live in and near the Town of Plainfield.

The Richard A. Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic Center sits on the west portion of the property. It includes an indoor water park, fitness center, running track, and sports facility. Splash Island sits on the east portion of the property. The tropical paradise includes a few slides, a leisure river, a competition pool, a diving well, and many other features that make this a family-friendly environment. The leisure river was another great project the Banning team worked on. For the past twenty years, Banning has had the privilege of being a part of this community project that not only brings laughter and memories but enhances the quality of life.