Heritage Way and Pioneer Trace Intersection and Heritage Way Extension

The Town of Pendleton owns a buisness park west of the downtown area called Falls park.  A new large user committed to build in the park, and the town comitted to extend Heritage Way south to service the site.  Rather than construct an expensive and large roundabout at Hertiage Way and Pioneer Trace, Banning designed an innovative continous tee intersection utilizing a large portion of the existing roadway.  This design provided a smooth intersection in the space allotted while meeting the Town’s budget goals.  The project included an 800 foot long, 40’ asphalt road with curb and gutter, a 4,000 square yard concrete intersection, 1,100 feet of storm sewer, and 1,800 feet of water main. Banning Engineering also provided construction observation services, guiding this project to be completed on time and under budget. Kayla Hassett, Pendleton Planning Director, has this to say about the project

When an exciting business opportunity came to Pendleton, it became necessary for the Town to extend one of it’s roadways in a direction that not previously been envisioned.  Banning was chosen as a design partner, and developed an innovative tee intersection from what had been a sweeping curve, making use of as much existing pavement as possible and being respectful of the Town’s budget goals.  The project included complicated coordination with adjacent property owners, utility relocation partners, and county drainage board permitting.  Based on this experience, I would highly recommend Banning Engineering for a similar project.”