Duke Site Readiness Wayne County

The Duke Site Readiness program is designed to identify, improve, and increase awareness of industrial sites within the Duke Energy Indiana service area. As part of the program, Banning Engineering evaluates the economic development potential of the site and prepares conceptual layouts and recommendations to make the site more advantageous for development. 


During the 2020 program, in partnership with Duke Energy and the City of Richmond, Banning Engineering completed a Site Readiness report for the Midwest Industrial Park Expansion. This 160-acre parcel is west of the current industrial park and is easily accessible from Interstate 70. After the initial evaluation, Duke determined that this site would be considered for Duke Site Readiness Light Program. Throughout the process, Banning played the role of consultant, conducting desktop analysis and creating a report that included multiple maps and a site questionnaire. Banning also provided a detailed overview of recommendations and next steps for the Richmond site. Through the program, Richmond also received a $10,000 grant to help implement recommendations and improve their site’s marketability.