Merriman and Bethel Road Improvements

The Mooresville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) purchased 100 acres of undeveloped land at the south end of town as an investment to Mooresville’s economic development.  Not long after, NicePak showed signinficant interest in developing a second site in Mooresville.  Barriers to development were overcome by significant public infrastructure investment including roads, sewers and adding a shell building.  Banning Engineering was involved from the beginning with economic development services, surveys and coordinating the effort.  Later, Banning was engaged to design the Merriman Road and SR-67 expansion as well as the regional sanitary sewer improvements and shell building site design.  The road project included a new precast arch bridge, 3,500 feet of storm sewer, turn-lane extensions on SR-67, and extensive project management and utility coordination.  Banning also performed the construction management services for the project.